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What is Kahuna Massage? Origins & Benefits

soulsista - November 29, 2019 - 0 comments

There are many styles of massage therapy, and each one provides people with relief from pain and chronic stress. However, each style also has something unique to offer. This is the case with the traditional Hawaiian style of healing called Lomilomi, or Kahuna massage.

After as little as one session, clients can experience many healing benefits and improvements in their overall sense of well-being. Each session is a unique experience for both the client and the practitioner, who relies on training and instinctive knowledge to understand how to help the person get relief. This type of massage therapy is now available to people living in the Melbourne area.

What is Kahuna Massage?

what is kahuna massage

Kahuna massage is a modality that incorporates many of the traditional healing methods that originated on the islands of Hawaii. It is known to give clients a variety of health benefits, which include physical relief from pain. Many people seek Kahuna massage because the practitioners are fully committed to generating a healing energy during each session.

This style of healing can have powerful results that people describe as a spiritual experience. In addition, the health benefits improve the range and quality of motion while relieving chronic pain by treating it at the source. Practitioners will engage in the region’s ancient philosophy that energy follows the attention, and this is called Maika.

This is one of the seven major philosophies that are widely practiced on the islands of Hawaii. Therefore, the Kahuna massage practitioner focuses concentrated energy during every session with the client. This involves using a variety of techniques.

The practitioner always maintains an intense degree of focus, and the training involves cultivating compassion for each person during the session. The client might be asked the reasons for booking a session, so it is helpful to have your healing wishes fully articulated before going into the sessions.

Techniques and Methods

This name derives from the word “huna”, which indicates secret knowledge in the Hawaiian language. The practitioner has the ability to tap into the spiritual dimensions while applying the techniques with rhythmic precision and vigor. The practitioner maintains an intense, focused healing energy while using the elbows, forearms, knuckles and fingers to treat various parts of the client’s body.

Practitioners are fully trained in the traditional methods that integrate the mind, body and spirit. This can include a variety of techniques that are specific to the culture. For example, the abdominal area is considered vital for the wellness of the person, so there are particular massage strokes and techniques that focus on improving the blood circulation and general function of the colon area.

This style of massage also uses oils applied with long strokes that can extend over the entire length of the body. This helps to connect each part of the person’s mind and body while providing relaxation and therapeutic benefits. Some techniques also focus on joint mobilization, and this also has a relaxing effect.

Kahuna Massage Benefits

kahuna massage benefits

Therapeutic benefits from Kahuna massage are widely experienced:

  • Clients can expect to get physical relief from pain. However, many clients also seek Kahuna massage for the sense of spiritual and mental well-being as well. This can be a critical aspect of the healing process because many people hold feelings of grief or trauma.
  • Many clients will experience strong emotional releases during the session, and this is something that the practitioner is trained to handle. The emotions might include blocked grief and other forms of trapped traumas, which linger in the body’s tissues. The body-worker can help the client to unlock various forms of blocked emotions, and the result can generate a sense of wellness and optimism in the person.
  • Massage therapy is known for its ability to release the body’s endorphins into the blood stream, and this conveys a feeling that people experience as happiness, pleasure or even joy. This form of healing can affect people experiencing depression and grief because of the spiritual training of the practitioner.

Unique Sessions, Many Lomilomi Experiences

Each session is unique, so there is no way to predict the type of experience that will happen. During one session, the client might be suddenly able to grieve and cry about an incident that happened a long time ago, for example. During a subsequent session, the person might experience a deep sense of restorative calm, relaxation and spiritual healing.

There could even be a point when the client breaks out into unexpected laughter, which is also a sign of a deep emotional release. There are many emotional reactions that can occur, so the practitioner must be well-versed in handling these experiences as they arise. In addition, it can relieve the pressure on the heart and the lungs, which are often over-worked and stressed.

Kahuna Massage Practitioners

what is a kahuna massage

Practitioners in the area around Melbourne understand the needs of people living in this area. Massage therapy is a powerful and effective way to maintain your health. Longevity in any career depends on the ability of each person to perform at the most optimal level possible.

Massage increase the local blood circulation in the area where there is tightness, discomfort or pain. This promotes the innate healing responses in the body. This is also an excellent treatment for exhaustion and chronic fatigue or over-working. The massage techniques improve the functions of the internal organs while relaxing the muscular system.

The practitioner integrates all of the traditional methods for healing the emotional and spiritual aspects of the client while also addressing the physical needs for relaxation and pain relief. As a result of the session, the client can get relief from chronic physical and emotional pain.

The spiritual aspect of this modality for massage is one of the main reasons that people will seek out a Kahuna massage therapist. It isn’t unusual to experience an increase in energy and mental clarity after a session. The practitioners in the areas around Melbourne can provide you with this amazing method to achieve your optimal sense of wellness and health.

Interested in knowing more?

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