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Kahuna Bodywork Massage

Therapeutic Kahuna Bodywork Massage in Melbourne

90mins massage $145
60mins massage $110

Experience one of the most powerful forms of healing with Kahuna bodywork, a unique and highly effective Hawaiian massage similar to the gentler Lomi Lomi massage. This 90-minute or 60-minute massage involves forearms and hands applying fluid, rhythmic motions that are completed by gentle stretches and rotation of the joints. The result is a dynamic, nurturing and rhythmic experience that serves to remedy both mind and body.

As well as the expertly applied motions of hands and forearms, volcanic rocks are used in the massage to aid in the healing process. These black basalt stones have been smoothed by continuous wave action in the river or sea, making them perfect for absorbing and retaining heat. This heat is ideal for massages as it can help to further loosen up muscles, and the versatility of these stones means they can be used both heated or cold.

+Add dry brushing for $30

What can I expect from a Melbourne Kahuna massage?

There’s a reason Kahuna and the similar Lomi Lomi massage were practised for hundreds of years in Hawaii before becoming so popular in Melbourne – these unique massages are considered some of the most powerful forms of healing people can experience.

It doesn’t take long to see how the fluid motions applied during the massage are so effective at relieving tension. These rhythmic motions are excellent for helping you relax, making them ideal for those looking to de-stress physically or mentally.

More than just a massage in Toorak

Conveniently located on Williams Road, Soul Sista is a favourite of Melbourne-based Kahuna and Lomi Lomi massage enthusiasts living in Toorak and nearby South Yarra.

It’s the experience and care we bring to the table that ensures people keep coming back for our massages, as well as other services like facials, waxing and microdermabrasion.

Frequently Asked Questions

Should I eat before a massage?

A full meal right before a massage is not recommended, Ka Huna massage requires pressure which can be uncomfortable if the stomach is full or trying to digest a large meal. I suggest eating a light meal 2hrs before scheduled massage.

Will I get oil in my hair?

Ka Huna massage usually includes a scalp massage, so a small amount of oil will go through the hair. If you would prefer no oil in your hair, please let me know before the treatment starts & I will alter the treatment.

What type of oil is used?

I use fractionated coconut oil.

``The Lomi Lomi massage is the best, anywhere in the world, hands down.``

— Chriss Mannix

Book a Kahuna massage today

Services are by appointment only, so make sure to contact us about a massage before dropping into our salon just off Chapel Street.

Get in touch by filling in this form, calling 0413 941 906 or sending an email to to make a booking.

We’re always happy to answer any questions you might have, about Kahuna massage or any of our other services.

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